English1102Fall2011/Midterm Essay

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English 1102

Fall 2011

Peter Wilkins

Mid-term Essay



Write a coherent essay with an interpretive thesis on the following topic.

How do gender conventions interfere with characters becoming adults in Ghost World and The Virgin Suicides?

Make sure you clearly identify and define the gender conventions you write about.

Make sure you clearly define what becoming an adult means in the context of the texts.

Make every effort to discuss the relationship between the texts on this issue. Are they similar or different? How?

Use quotations and/or references to specific panels to support your interpretation.

The essay will be open book, but you should identify quotations that you want to use beforehand.

Cite quotations and panel references in proper MLA style. Bring a typed Works Cited list to turn in with your essay.

You may bring one page of point form notes. Point form means no complete sentences.

Length: Around 750 words

No electronic devices may be used during the exam

Double space your writing

You may write in ink or pencil

You have the complete class period to write the essay