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What was your first impression of Rue?
Katniss: “She reminded me of Prim, and I felt sorry for her because I thought she'd have no chance because she looks so delicate and small.”

When did you first see her?
Katniss: “In the training room, when everyone was training together.”\

When did you first face her in the Hunger Games?
Katniss: “When I was hiding from the careers, I saw her in the tree opposite me and she warned me that there was a tracker jacker nest above me. Thats when I felt I owed her.”

Did you feel like you had more of a chance when you had Rue as an ally?
Katniss: “Yes because we had two pairs of eyes and we made the plan of destroying the careers supplies, that we could not have even thought of or started without eachother.”

Did you feel as though it was your fault when Rue died?
Katniss: “Yes because I left her byherself and I didnt get to her in time, since I was injured from the explosion.” I felt very protective of her because she reminded me so much of Prim.

Was it hard to carry on in the Hunger Games without Rue?
Katniss: “Yes because I was constantly thinking about her and what I could have done to save her. She was also a great ally, but one of us would have had to die in the end anyway.”

How did Rue's death make you feel about the capitol?
Katniss: “It made me feel very angry at the capitol because Rue is just an innocent girl, and if the Capitol didnt make these horrible Games for their entertainment, Rue would still be alive and safe at home with her family.”

Did your anger towards the capitol make you perform differently in the Hunger Games than you were before she died?
Katniss: “Yes because it made me want to be home with Prim and mum, and I didnt want them to go through the same pain that Rue's family went through.”

Did you feel you got revenge on the capitol when you and Peeta outsmarted the Capitol?
Katniss: “ I did feel as though I got revenge on them but not enough to make me feel better about Rue being murdered.”

Did you feel you had to win the Games for Rue?
Katniss: “Yes because I owed her, but also for my family at home and for Gale, I couldnt let the capitol have the satisfaction of the career's winning once again.”

How would you like Rue to be remembered?
Katniss: “As a young courageous girl who had the strength and ability to help a complete stranger, and who changed my life dramatically. She was probably the most brave person in the whole Hunger Games.”