English/BHS Year 11 - The Hunger Games Part I

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Summarise the important events from each section of the novel. Use the questions as guides, include anything else you think is important.
If a section has already been filled out, refine, change (use the discussion tab) or add to what's already there.

Part 1, Chapter 1-9: “The Tributes”

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Describe the events leading up to Katniss taking Prim's place as a tribute. Detail what she says about her and her family's background. What information does she give us about Panem?

The Tribute Ceremony

Describe what happens at the tribute ceremony. What does each of the main characters do? What are the outcomes for Prim, Peeta and Katniss? What does Katniss reveal about her history with Peeta? What does Madge (they mayor's daughter) give to Katniss and what significance does this hold for her?

Journey to the Capitol

Describe Katniss' thoughts and feelings as she heads to the Capitol. What happens while she's on the train? What are Katniss' first impressions of their mentors, Effie and Haymitch?

Preparation - The Stylists

List Katniss and Peeta's stylists. What image are they creating for the audience? What is Katniss' impression of Cinna? How do things go for the District 12 team in the lead up to the training?


Describe what takes place during training for Katniss and Peeta. Explain the ratings and sponsorship system. Describe who the career tributes are and their respective backgrounds.

The Interview

Describe Caesar Flickerman's character.