Albany Senior High School, Year 12 English - Lord of the Flies

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Information icon.svg ASHS Year 12 - Lord of the Flies
A collaborative text book structured and built by staff and students at Albany Senior High School
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Lord of the Flies

This is a collaborative textbook for ASHS year 12 English students studying Lord of The Flies.


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Summaries the important events from each chapter of the novel.
If a section has already been filled out, refine, change (use the discussion tab) or add to what's already there.

A group of school boys have been evacuated from Britain but end up landing on a stranded island. They are left to fend for themselves and to try and stay civilized whilst trying to be rescued by making a signal fire. Problems begin to raise as there is a disagreement between two separate leaders which makes survival very difficult  for the group of boys.

Chapter One: Two boys find each other when they are standard on an island. They introduce each other As Ralph, an fair-haired boys and a chubby boy with glasses called Piggy. The two boys come together and Find a shell that can make enough noise to call the other boys standard on the island. We find out that the group of boys are from England and they are between the ages of 7 to 13. The uses the shell as an object to control the group. Then while the meeting is happening some boys dressed in weird outfits turn up. They are the school choir group. The leader Jack argues that he should be lead. But gets out voted by the littlins that all want Ralph. The new elected leaded Ralph suggests that they see what kind of island they are on to asses their situation. So Ralph, Jack and Simon, a shy boy that Ralph choose, set off to search and discover that they were on an island. The boys find an island and start climbing. The boys climb up the side of one of the steep hills. From the top of the mountain, they can see that they are on an island that has no signs of civilization on it. On there way back to there made up camp, Jack spots a wild pig, and goes for the kill. But he hesitated and the pig went free. Jack was mad at him self and felt weak. He said inn anger that next time he will kill it.They arrive back to the camp with all the boys eager for their discoveries.


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Write a summary of all the main characters in the novel. For each character you should found a quotation and write about what that character symbolises in the novel.
If a section has already been filled out, refine, change (use the discussion tab) or add to what's already there.

Piggy is the intelectual of the group of boys who manages to stay civilized through out the whole novel. Piggy represents the scientific and intellectual aspects of civilization.

Ralph is a fair leader who has the most common sense out of the boys but many of them lack to see that.Ralph is the protagonist(main character) in the novel and a leader. Ralph's symbolic meaning is order, leadership and civilization and Ralph uses power to protect the younger boys and advances the good of the group.

Jack is not so much a leader but more wants power over the boys, he is more worried about being able to control everyone than actually getting them off the island. Jack is the antagonist(enemy) in the novel and the rival leader. Jack's symbolic meaning is unbrided savagery, desire for power and uses power to gratify his own desires.

Rodger a cruel, older boy who brutalizes the littluns and eventually murders piggy, by rolling a rock onto him. Rodger is the most savage out of all of the boys. And represents brutality and brutality and bloodlust at their most extreme

Simon is the shy and sensitive boy in the group. Simon is the only character who represents natural human goodness.

Lord of the flies is the name given to the sow's head that jacks gang killed and is put in the forest as an offering to the 'beast'. It it the most important image in the novel. it is the symbol of the power of evil, satan figure who evokes the beast within each human being.


Lord of the Flies takes place on the island, which did not give the exact location Golding. Although he does not tell us where is the island, describing it in detail. Says that he has a jungle in one end, with the rocky mountain above it. On the other side is the lake where the children go to bathe and where he met for the first time after the incident. Near there, the highest mountain, is the platform where it was decided will remain lit a fire in the hope of rescue. This was in the perfect position, the presence of the ocean, and thus allow to pass any planes or boats to discover them and rescue them. On this mountain, which was also seen gliding from the boys, and confuse the beast. Interior, and serves many purposes of the jungle. In a dense forest, and food was abundant, and plants as a means of escape for Ralph during his career of Jack. He stayed there during the phase of his madness Simon, and the use of plants to build a shelter.

The killing of children to the bottom of the plane during a nuclear war. Set the stage for problems that may arise between the boys on the island. Their behavior reflects their surroundings, and they acted like they were taking part in the war. The island is a very isolated place with no contact at all with the war abroad. Is the only way you can connect to it from the outside by accident, if a plane or a boat happened to discover them. They were boys from the boarding school was lucky in some respect on the ground in this island, because it had its advantages. There was food, and wildlife, and fresh water. It was not their surroundings, but themselves and that led to the downfall of their civilization.



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Symbolism is the consistent use of an image, object, character or concept throughout a text that represents another idea or concept other than itself.

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Fill out the following table of symbols in the novel. Some of the symbols have been provided for you.

Symbol Denotative / literal meaning (what is it?) Connotative / symbolic meaning (what does it represent?) Image
Signal fire It is a fire to signal to anyone flying or passing the island so the boys can get rescued it represents the civilization between the two groups of boys and the true meaning of piggy's specs
Piggy's specs the glasses piggy wears represents the interlect of piggy and also helps the boys survive on the island
the conch a shell that makes noise when you blow on it to be able to speak when holding the conch and to also call upon meetings


innocence: the loss of innoncence from lord of the flies is a major theme e.g.