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eMundus aims to strengthen cooperation and awareness among European Higher Education Institutions and their strategic counterparts worldwide by exploring the potential of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and Virtual Mobility (VM) to support long term, balanced, inter-cultural academic partnership.

eMundus has also the underlying objective of promoting the attractiveness and the awareness of the excellence of European Higher Education area. The project will put Europe in a central position in the MOOC and Virtual Mobility debate, acting as a facilitator for the most promising ideas and practices to be discussed, adapted, and possibly adopted. In doing so, eMundus will support intercultural development of European curriculum components and will generalise successful practices of HE cooperation based on mutual trust and specialisation, at the same time will broaden equity and accessibility of world level study programmes.

Intercultural dialogue and internationalisation of learning & knowledge are an integral part of the MOOCs and VM debates.


What we do in the wiki

This wiki portal will be used by the eMundus partners for collaborative development and planning of project activities.

eMundus thanks Wayne Mackintosh for the set up of this landing page.