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This page is about the module Embedding Literacy and Numeracy, which is a level 5 special topic within the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching - level 7 (GCTLT), delivered by the Educational Development Centre (EDC) at Otago Polytechnic, Aotearoa New Zealand. To find out more about the programme read the GCTLT information sheet 2010

This module is a flexible self-paced, portfolio based course which you can join at any time. The course is based around the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy.The resource books that accompany the learning progressions show how the learning progressions can be used to support teaching and learning using three key aspects of effective teaching and learning practice.

  • Knowing the demands (of texts, tasks, situations or problems that learners encounter)
  • Knowing the learner (what a learner can do already, in order to determine the next learning steps: this includes the use of assessment activities)
  • Knowing what to do (to help learners move on to the next steps: this includes the use of teaching and learning activities).

This three-sided or triangle model is a useful basis for planning and teaching, and this module focusses on embedding these practices into your course delivery to learners.