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PERSONAL INFORMATION NAME: ELIZABETH W. KAMAU-MBUTHIA DATE OF BIRTH 21ST MAY 1968 ADDRESS: Egerton University, Department of Human Nutrition and Pre-clinical studies P.O. box 536, Egerton E-MAIL ADDRESS ekambu@yahoo.com TELEPHONE 0722395634

EDUCATION BACKGROUND 2003- 2006: Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr.rer.nat.) University of Vienna, Austria. Title of research; “The impact of maternal HIV status on infant feeding patterns and growth in Nakuru, Kenya”.

1993-1995: Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. Title of research; “Food consumption patterns and health habits of school children in Kenya and Western Australia”.

1988-1991: B.Sc. in Agriculture and Home Economics Egerton University

WORK EXPERIENCE Oct 2006-present: Institution: Egerton University Position: Head of Department (Human Nutrition and Pre-Clinical studies) Duties: Heading the department in administrative, academic and research duties. Involved in the nutrition curriculum review for the department in 2006-2007. Being incharge of all departmental activities.

June 2006-present: Institution: Egerton University Position: Lecturer Duties: Planning, preparing and implementing semester programs, taking part in research activities, supervising masters students and reviewing the nutrition curricula when need arises.

Jan 1996-May 2006: Institution: Egerton University Position: Assistant lecturer Duties: Planning, preparing and implementing semester programs.

Sep –Dec 1997: Institution: Egerton University Position: Acting Head of Department Duties: Running day-to-day activities of the department

Dec1991-Feb 1993: Institution: Egerton University Position: Teaching Assistant Duties: Assisting lecturers with tutorial classes and the supervision of practical classes. Assisting in the teaching of Diploma level classes and taking part in any departmental research.

COURSES/SEMINARS ATTENDED June 2008: Trained on Corporate Governance and Strategic Planning

December 2007: Trained on programme and project management by the South African Management Development Institute, sponsored by the AUSAID alumni.

August 2007: Attended the First African Union (AU) conference of African Women in Science and Technology. Part of the team drafting a policy document for African Union (AU) for women in science and technology

November 2006: Trained on ISO standards (Quality Management systems) in Egerton University in collaboration with Kenya Bureau of Standards.

November 2006: Attended the 5th African Nutrition Leadership program in Potchefstrom, South Africa. Training on leadership skills as well as team playing.

September 2006: Poster presentation at the European Public Health Nutrition Conference in Barcelona, Spain (Topic: How are Kenyan mothers feeding their infants?).

April 2006: Poster presentation at the 6th International Conference on Dietary assessment methods in Copenhagen, Denmark (Topic: Dietary patterns of pregnant women attending antenatal clinic in Nakuru, Kenya).

September 2005: Poster presentation at the International Conference on Nutrition (ICN) in Durban, South Africa (Topic; Feeding patterns and weight gain of infants of mothers of known HIV status in the first 6 weeks of life).

August 2005: Trained as a certified Counsellor in Prevention of Mother-to-Child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) by Ministry of Health and family Health International (F.H.I.)

February 2005: Oral presentation at the Inaugural National Nutrition conference (INNC) in Nairobi, Kenya (Topic; Birth outcomes of pregnant women of known HIV status in Nakuru, Kenya).

October 2003: Attended the 9th European Nutrition Conference in Rome, Italy.

July 2002: Attended a conference on Information technology in the Advancement of Nutrition in Africa (ITANA 2002) in Nairobi, Kenya.

PUBLICATIONS Title; The Double Burden of Malnutrition: The role of Maternal and Child Health Clinics Review: Standing Committee on nutrition (SCN of the Un system) News Status: Published in July 2006.

Title; Diet quality of pregnant women attending antenatal clinic in Nakuru, Kenya Journal: Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism Status: Published July 2007

Title; The impact of maternal HIV status on infant feeding patterns in Nakuru, Kenya Journal: Journal of Human Lactation Status: Published February 2008

Title; Community Nutrition handbook for healthcare workers, co-author commissioned by MacMillan London, to be released end 2008.

RESEARCH PROJECTS/ CONSULTANCIES August 2007: Food security feasibility survey in Kainuk division, Turkana district for World Vision, Kainuk ADP

October 2006-June 2007: Project title: Effectiveness and utilisation of Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC) at the Provincial General Hospital in Nakuru by people living with HIV/AIDS. Funded by: Social Science Research Council (SSRC), New York

January 2004-august 2005: Project title: Impact of maternal HIV status and infant feeding patterns and growth Funded by: DAAD/OAD

SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES Computer skills Through my academic and professional activities, I have accumulated a large amount of experience in the use of most computer software. This also includes nutrition and statistical packages.

Project planning and implementation Through my professional work, I have developed skills in designing research projects, implementation of projects in the are of health and nutrition, research tools design, data collection and data analysis, report writing and dissemination, monitoring and evaluation. I also have a lot of experience dealing with communities especially in the area of nutrition education.

EXTRA-CURRICULA ACTIVITIES Member of Kenya Coalition Action in Nutrition (KCAN) Member of the Kenya Professional Association of Women in Agriculture and the Environment (KEPAWAE) Founding member (2008) of the World Public Health Nutrition Association (Based in Geneva) Life member of Red Cross (Kenya)

REFEREES Professor I. Elmadfa Prof. Rose Mwonya Director of institute Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) Institute of nutritional sciences Egerton University University of Vienna P.O.Box 536 Althanstrasse 14, A-1090, Vienna Njoro Austria Kenya