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Workshop title: COL/CTA/RUFORUM Web 2.0 Training for research support and networking

Venue: Ridar Hotel, Mukono, Uganda

Name: Dr. Elizabeth Mbuthia

Institution: Egerotn University/Department of Human Nutrition

Position: Chairperson of Department/Lecturer

Country: Kenya

Activities that I plan to implement after the training course Within 2 Months After 2 Months As Arises
Provide feedback in Department and Faculty on the Web 2.0 training **
Make use of Web 2.0 tools by putting related class work online for students ** ** **
Consult ICT department on creating and installing a local department server **
Engage students and staff in using at least one tool for department communication and collaboration **
Continue practicing the use of different Web 2.0 tools for various activities ** ** **
Write a concept note on training faculty members on the use of some Web 2.0 to the university management **
Publish some of my already exisiting materials online **
Keep up the networking with the Web 2.0 group (2008) ** ** **
Continue working on refining the proposal with group 4 members ** ** **