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Our aim was to determine “Whether the polluted Yamuna is creating an alarming situation or not, for the health of people?”

Decomposition of sewer, factory waste and other waste into the Yamuna has lead to a rise in hydrogen sulphide and ammonia gases near the Yamuna belt which has created problems associated with respiration, inhalation and skin diseases.

For this we decided to do a survey to know more about the health problems faced by people living near the Yamuna due to its rampant pollution.

So, we primed a questionnaire to be filled by the people .We surveyed around 280 people residing in areas near the Yamuna belt and away from the Yamuna belt. During the survey we came to know about the problems faced by people due to widespread pollution in the Yamuna.

On the basis of data, collected during the survey we did the statistical analysis to arrive at the conclusion.

At last, we ascertained that people living near the Yamuna belt are having breathing and stinking smell problems and concluded that the polluted Yamuna is an alarming situation.

[ http://wikieducator.org/images/a/a9/New_presentelite.pdf ]