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High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is one of the Jewish religious holidays. In this holiday we are celebraiting the begining of the year according to the jewish date. Tha main mitzva in Rosh Hashana is to listen to the shofar.Another acceptable mitzvot are eating special meals including apple with honey,pomegranate head of fesh etc.

Most of the Jewish believe the in Rosh hashana god is judging every person according his behavour in different aspects (religion aspect ,human aspect) and in this way "to decide" the events that person will experience in the new year. The reason of this beliefe is because of the fact that through the religion,the first persom was made by god in the same date as Rosh Hashana is celebrating.

My family and I are celebrating this holiday every year and making effort to fulfill all the customs.My grandmother cook all the traditional food to the special meals of the holiday,we are going together to the synagogue and speding time together.


Listening is one of the most important ways to success in studies. But, it is difficult to listen for a long time.

Students are coping with several barriers according to succeed in studying: pressure, homework, tests, organization, to be ready at the time etc. In indirect way, listening is one of these barriers too. When pupil is listening to his teacher during the lesson it is much easy for him to remember and to understand the material much better. Although that. Must of the students have difficult to be concentrate and attentive.

This obstacle can be solving according to help the students to be focused during the lesson: Visual aids. It will make the lesson more interesting, the pupils will find it entertaining, and it will attract their attention. Another thing that can help it is silent. If the pupils in class be more disciplined and the lesson will be with good atmosphere, the students will be more relaxed, and it make it possible to listen and to concentrate in a better way.

To sum up, there is several possible ways to improve the level of listening in class, in order to improve success in studying.