Element 6 - Use literacy teaching strategies to promote adult literacy skill development in the training or education programme./assessment activity 2

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Design a teaching and learning activity

Design a teaching and learning activity to address an identified scenario based on numeracy learning needs (this may be linked to content area 3). Scenario example: An educator working with learners in the building industry has identified that his learners need to be able to calculate areas. This calculation requires multiplying multi-digit whole numbers and decimal numbers. The diagnostic assessment indicates that a learner is not competent at basic multiplication facts up to 10 x 10, and the main strategy used by the learner for multiplication is repeated addition. Design a teaching plan for this educator incorporating activities (in the context of calculating areas) for building multiplication facts, understanding place value, and increasing multiplication strategies. See the overview grids in Teaching Adults to Make Sense of Number to Solve Problems, pages 17 – 18