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To successfully complete this unit you will demonstrate you can

Browse the Internet

We begin by using your computer and the Internet to communicate with your fellow learners and your instructor.

Click on the following Netiquette link, http://www.bpl.org/kids/Netiquette.htm. Although it's written for kids, it speaks to all of us about the polite way to communicate on the Internet. Over the course of the term, as you demonstrate good netiquette, you will be awarded marks for your practice of this. You can also go to http://google.ca and search on the term netiquette to learn more about this topic.

Send and Receive Email

Next email your instructor from a Gmail account. You do that by going to http://gmail.com. If you don't yet have a Google email or gmail account, follow the instructions there to set up your own account. Your instructor or instructional assistant is available to help you with this.

Once you have logged into Gmail, compose a message to your instructor. Say hello and you'll earn five (5) points. Reply back to the message your instructor will send you in return and you will earn another five (5) points. Intermediate students, be sure to put Comp040 in the subject line.

When You Are Done

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