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How are elearning technogies incorporated into current teaching delivery


  • Moodle (forums), Blackboard (Correspondence School), Breeze
  • Skype
  • email
  • video conferencing
  • Telephone
  • CDs
  • need for very 'user friendly' tools
  • KnowledgeNet
  • Blogs
  • wikis
  • ePortfolios
  • Scholaris (Student Management + eLearning)
  • Social Networking tools


  • uncomfortableness with tools
  • desire for "others" to do the work
  • access to resources
  • tools as supplement for lack of staffing
  • personalising learning
  • too much content! selection and sequencing tools & strategies
  • How to identify quality content

Does your institution currently have an eLearning Strategy?

  • no strategy
  • looking for "staff buy-in"
  • economic issues affecting strategy development (network costs)
  • differences between deciles
  • early chilhood strategies?

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