Egerton University OER experiences by Nakhone

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As a university, there has been an atempt for distance learning. Materials have been developed through the conventional formats, text books and lecture notes in hard copy. There has been minimal use of eLearning in preparation of the materials.

At apersonal level, all materials I have ever prepared have been face-face clearning. Hwever, attending this workshop has shown how it is possible to develop agricultural based matrials and use them for our students, combined with minimal face-face learning as most of our courses are practical oriented.

Young maize plant.jpg

In most cases I have developed content related to Crop management, specifically, the management of maize & beans. If we had this method- OER then it may be much esier to reach a wider clientelle than we are currently ale to reach.

Through this workshop, I have learned a number of skills in developing content for an agricultural course. The details of the pedagogy involved has also been covered. We have been exposed to ana number of Open Source repositories which will be an asset in deeloping materials for our training courses. Te merit for Open source were discussed exhaustively, and some demerits also came up.

It would be i ntersting to see the impact of tis training after one year. I hope this will play a catalyti role in developing many courses in our institution as compared to in the past.