Effects of Late or Non-payments/Summary

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Globe for WikiEducator.jpg Unit 3.3- Effects of Late or Non-payments 

Introduction | Tenets of Risk Assessment | Risk and Reward | "Eight C's" | 5 "C's" | 3 "C's" | Applying the "C's" | Impact of Nonpayment | Identifying Costs | Bad Debt Value | Interest | Cost and Capital | Administrative | Summary | Resources | Activities | Assessment


An international credit manager must understand the principles of risk assessment since the extension of credit requires an analysis that determines the ability of the customer to pay. In addition, it is important to know credit risk features, not only the “basic” tools (the “5 C’s”) but the additional attributes of international risk (the 3 “C’s). As guardian of the accounts receivable investment, an international credit manager is the company representative who needs to know and to be able to describe how customer nonpayment impacts the company’s business.