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Education Websites

Education forms an integral part in developing an individual's character. Though the need of education varies from age to age as during the growing years of a child he needs proper formal education where by gains he knowledge on subjects related to mathematics, language and drawing.

These are the subjects which forms the basis for higher education. While we talk of higer educations its imperative to note that in the last few years degrees from reputed universities has been top priority for many students all over the world. In this respect, its important to note that, there are many online sites offering detailed information on Best Education Sites. There are information related to Best Education Sites of U.S. Best Education Sites gives you detailed information on some of the important sites devoted exclusively in providing latest information on education programmes, university degrees and curriculm of different colleges around the world.

Top Education Websites

It is considered to be India’s largest educational website consisting of 46 separate educational portals. It gives an in depth analysis about all the entrance exams, Management education. It also has a career’s forum and also provides sufficient information about civil service examinations. It also comes with a list of top colleges of India.

It provides valuable information on online education, online degrees, distance learning programs and online management education. This site can be very helpful for those professionals who want to pursue an educational course in the part time.

Primarily aimed at the engineering graduates, this portal helps them to search jobs, build their resumes in the most appropriate manner, provides them with valuable interview tips to crack the interviews. The most unique feature of this site is that it has a huge collection of placement consultancies and also has database of placement papers of top IT companies.

It is the official website of , “ Central board of secondary education” of India. It provides valuable information about the latest syllabus of all its curriculums publishes examination results and provides a forum for feedback on its syllabus structure.

Are you in search of the best Indian institute when it comes to business management? If yes, then your search will definitely end here. Indian institute of management Kolkata, is one of the best management institutes in the country offering a number of management courses like PGPEX, PGDM, PGDBM, FP, Executive, Education and many more. Its main strength is its strong placement cell which will surely provide you with a state of the art job and a lucrative pink slip. It is renowned for providing foreign placements in some of the top MNC’s of the world.

Indian School of Business, a premier B-school of India, offers a number of management courses for its students. It offers a full time post graduation in Management (MBA) both for the working professionals as well as the entry level candidates. The main USP of this institute include world class faculty, feasibility studies, excellent corporate tie ups, extraordinary infrastructure, competitive advantage to name a very few. Indeed a world class B school of Indian origin.

If you are an aspiring management graduate, then this is the ultimate website for you. will inform you about the dates of the management exams, give you an overview about the exams, will tell you about the scope of a management course, inform you about the admission procedures of different institutes and will also provide with the profiles of the top B schools of India. It will also guide you with your preparations for the same and will also tell you how to clear the GD and crack the PI. It also comes up with a job corner where you will get to know about the latest managerial openings in various sectors.

Do you want to pursue a career in management? If 'yes' is your answer, then this website is a must visit one for you. contains useful links in relation with MBA admission, top B schools of India, jobs for the management graduates, preparation guide for management examinations, recent articles on management and much more results .Even if you are looking for a distance learning management course, it will guide you to find one for you. . Indeed a truly professional Indian MBA website, it will surely help you in choosing the best B school as per your result.

Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management or IISWBM, as it is popularly known, is rated high by the management professionals of India. Renowned for its state of the art courses, the main managerial programs which are offered here include MBA, MHRM, PGDBM, PGDITM, PS management, and PGDTTIM. All admissions to this B school are conducted on the basis of the candidate's CAT score coupled with his/her GD and PI performances. IISWBM is also known for placing its students in some of the top multinational companies of the world. So if you are looking forward to join a top B school of Indian origin, try out this Calcutta based institute.

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Classical Studies


Academics refer to an aggregation of educational activities comprising of higher education and research. The main objective of academics is to impart knowledge and its systematic dispersion among the recipients.

It is composed of a broad spectrum of either independent or associated fields of study such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Economics, Geography, Astronomy, Hindi, Biology, English and a world of other branches. Browse through the top ten websites on academics enlisted by

Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University offers a number of English Language Certificate Courses to bridge the yawning gap between speaking and understanding of this branch of academics. Many native students from non-English speaking countries lag behind for their inability to grasp the essence of English and resultantly, they do not always get the breakthrough in professional world. Get yourself enrolled for a convenient certification course and see the difference it can make to your career.

Since time immemorial, Mathematics has been one of the foremost fields of academics. Many young learners tend to cringe at the prospect of having to work out complex arithmetic problems. Are you looking for a trusted online tutorial to guide you through such trying experiences? If yes, just take a peek into this site hosted by none other than Mathguru! This web portal offers comprehensive maths tutorials for the students of class VI to class XII. See and listen to Demo question papers enumerated in class-specific order.

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur has been advancing with frontier research works on different branches of Physics comprising of experimental and theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, High Energy Physics, Cosmology and String Theory, Lasers and Quantum Optics, Quantum Computation, Nuclear Physics and Statistical Physics. Visit their official website to ascertain yourself with the salient features of this premier institute. Explore academics at its best by checking out the ensuing link.

The study of Chemistry in underwent a forward thrust when the Department of Chemistry, Bombay rose to mammoth heights by conducting world-class M. Sc. And Ph. D. programs in Chemistry. Today they have shot a line by getting themselves armed with 125 Ph. D. students and 27 faculty members. Flash a glance at the institution's official website to find the contact address of the departmental head. Browse through the assemblage of links on academics, general, people, latest, facilities, etc.

Searching for a complete Hindi language web portal? Find in this colossal online directory Hindi language search results from Google. Download fonts and softwares incorporating of language kit, keyboard programs, Devanagari scripting tools, sharewares and freewares, language tutorials and teaching assistance and a whopping more! Compare and contrast between Hindi language and similar languages.

Preceded by a brief introduction to the history of India, this site portrays not just historical documentations but also cuts into prehistorical times like the Stone Age. The schematic and thorough demonstration of facts will make the study of History less tiresome for you. Each and every epoch is elaborated independently under categories and sub-categories. Click on the following link to explore a very special division of academics that takes us down memory lane.

The study of Chemistry in underwent a forward thrust when the Department of Chemistry, Bombay rose to mammoth heights by conducting world-class M. Sc. And Ph. D. programs in Chemistry. Today they have shot a line by getting themselves armed with 125 Ph. D. students and 27 faculty members. Flash a glance at the institution's official website to find the contact address of the departmental head. Browse through the assemblage of links on academics, general, people, latest, facilities, etc.

Biology as a premier wing of academics takes into its orbit a number of interdisciplinary branches. This web portal mulls over the study of Bioinformatics and related disciplines. Get yourself a Bioinformatics Corporate Training Kit along with its implementation in proteomics, genomics, molecular modeling, drug designing and database management. Glean through the contents ofthe kit and product cost.

Astronomy encompasses a broad spectrum of academics. The Indian Institute of Astrophysics is a nonpareil institution given in to carry out rudimentary research and development programs in Astronomy. It's only appropriate that the institution's parent body is nestled in Bangalore – the scientific and informative hub of the country. Visit this site to know about the physical address of this campus, research wings, facilities offered, study and job opportunities and so on.

Gain in-depth insight into Economics from this website. Find information on Taxation, Market scenarios, Budget, Trade and Business, Stock Markets, Banking sector, etc. Also explore the latest in world economy incorporating of Indonesia economy, Brazil economy, China economy, Australia economy, Japan economy, UK economy, France economy and much more. Go through the articles on insurance, Steel and Oil industry in India, major companies, investment strategies adopted by premier fiscal bodies and several finance-related events.

Interested in the study of Geography? Surely you are well conversant with the issue of global warming, which has taken the world by storm! In case you are looking forward to pick up more on global warming, do take a peek into this virtual directory to get the latest updates and geologic research information. Find links to database containing atmospheric as well as other geographical changes, NASA master directory, IBM global network, GPS applications, oceanic sciences, etc.