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  • Formulate your personal learning outcome
  • Set some specific, measurable results with a time line attached
  • Decide how you will measure progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your learning outcome

Web Tools in Networked Learning

Welcome to this WikiEducator resource, in this task we will get to know each other and discuss our perspectives on some key concepts regarding the 'Networked Teacher' and 'Networked Literacy & Fluency'. In education the tools we use for learning are many times limited to outdated textbooks, static courses and classrooms available at set times in a specific location. Our knowledge is merely seen as something we store and evaluate on merits or application in tests. This course will give you the ability to envision a new future based on the use of Web Tools in a Networked Learning scenario.

You will engage with instructional tools for creating, delivering and managing your learning resources in an innovative way. The final task will be to create a Screencast Tutorial that demonstrate your skills as a Networked Teacher. The experience from this course will turn into a multi-levelled badges program awarded from peer to peer evaluation.

Peer-2-Peer Assessment

This illustraion work as a guideline for how Peer-2-Peer assessment can look like:


As you can see in the illustration the outcome of the performance as a Networked Teacher is hard to detect. “... the more fluent a person is, the better they are able to predict the outcome of their actions.” (C. Briggs, 2011)

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Facilitators note: I will demonstrate my skills as a Networked Teacher by creating a course in WikiEducator. Deliver it with help of audio introduction and screen cast demonstrations. It will use pedagogical templates to manage the content. To share the learning resource I will use the eLearning XHTML editor (eXe)

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Web Resources

  • Share any resources related to our discussion

  • The YouTube video "The Networked Student" was created by Wendy Drexler's high school students in 2008. She wrote: "I hope that teachers will use it to help their colleagues, parents, and students understand networked learning in the 21st century. Anyone is free to use this video for educational purposes. You may download, translate, or use as part of another presentation". The teacher role is described as: Learning Architect, Modeler, Learning Concierge, Connected Learning Incubator, Network Sherpa, Synthesizer and Change Agent. The student will be able to "...navigate the future and creatively solve the worlds problems"

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  • Discuss what it mean to be a Networked Teacher

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