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H1: Title Case e.g. Module Overview H2: Sentence case e.g. Module sections

Study Tip

Bulleted points: Preferred style is lower case after bullets, no comma at end and final full stop

e.g. In this tutorial we will: • understand different types of computer memory such as: RAM (random-access memory), ROM (read-only memory) • distinguish between different types of memory.

Apostrophes after acronyms

Apostrophes don’t belong with acronyms or abbreviations.

E.g. CPUs, ALUs, PCs,


Suggest using Blooms taxonomy as a guide: http://www.iun.edu/~edusew/docs/2b_Tax_Cog_Domain.pdf

Know is not a useful word – at this level. Suggest "demonstrate understanding of….."or "Understand how speed is measured." Technically understand is not great for learning outcomes – the tutorial is essentially sharing information not understanding. So “Discuss different types of memory……..”may be best.

Consider using bulleted lists rather than paragraphs. By the end of this module students will be able to:

• Describe • Discuss • Define • Utilise