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Easy Now
EasyNow is a select set of easily open ICT tools that can be easily learned and utilised by the content developers to produce quality materials suitable for open and distance learning on the internet. It was developed by Commonwealth Educational and Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA). Mr. V Krishnamoorthy collated these tools for teachers of comonwealth countries keeping in mind the ease of use and the costs involved.[1]

EasyNow proposed to integrate use of multimedia lke text, audio and video tools that allow for inexpensive production and quick upload by the developers. It also suppports dissemination in CD format which increases the reach of the material especially in India where internet speed and bandwidth is still a big problem. Development of content in Multiple media format caters to needs of the diverse learners leting them learn at their own pace.

You may click on this link to read more about the open source software Easynow

Watch a video to know about the features of this innovative open-source based platform that allows content developers to create multiple ODL deliverables from a single electronic source. EasyNow is already being implemented in India, Malaysia, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

How it works?

Easy Now implements development of e-content in three phases, namely, capture, prepare and delivery. The three phases may be diagrammatically represented as
Development of e-content
  1. Capturing phase, a teacher can use any of the following sources for preparing into deliverables:
    • Scripting of lesson including textual content with clear understanding of board works, diagrams, charts, photographs, etc. , required.
    • Conversion of text to soft copy by preparing document files.
    • Scanning of board works, diagrams, charts, photographs and storage as image files/ animations.
    • Audio recording of the lesson for oral delivery.
    • Video-graphing the lecture while teacher is using ‘chalk and talk’ and saving as video files.
    • Enrichment of the video (Adding connected illlustrations/ vidoes, etc.)
  2. Preparation phase, involves conversion the soft copies of the content into appropirate format
    • Conversion of soft copy of documents saved as odt. Or doc. To html/pdf/odl/magnification
    • Conversion of soft copy of audios to wma./mp3 /text to audio files.
    • Editing /enriching video VCD/DVD/Beta video-graphed lectures.
    • Mapping of slide shows for streaming video delivery.
    • Mapping of video for a streaming delivery on Internet through broadband and dial-up network delivery.
  3. Delivery phase can be done in several modes depending on the user.
    • Text delivery can be made inthe form of html/pdf/odl/magnify.
    • Audio streaming can be done mp3,wma.files.
    • Slide shows as .wmv files
    • Videos as .wmv, flash, DAT, VOB files.

Features of EasyNow EasyNow integrates various open source software and also certain easily available software from systems like Windows to

  • allow the content developer/teacher/knowledge provider to just use a mouse click and record his message/lecture.
  • electronically change the same into various electronic formats such as video, audio, presentations, interactive multimedia, and also sometimes live interactive participatory sessions without much help from professional media personnel or IT experts.
  • Easy now takes into account the easily available resources with the users so there is no need to buy any new software.

You may use EasyNow to develop the e-content in any of the many media formats-


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