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Easy-to-do Guide on Instructional Design

This guide is a manual produced to assist members in the Materials Development and Instructional Design Department (MDID) at the University of Namibia to do instructional design on our (mainly print-based) learning materials:

The following activities form part of the materials development process in the MDID at UNAM:

  1. Recruitment of authors
  2. Training of authors
  3. Editing of content written:
  • Content editing
  • Language editing (if necessary)
  • Instructional design

After the development process is completed, materials are sent for layout, and then it goes for printing.

Instructional design is all about making academic learning content accessible and user-friendly for our distance learners. Since they do not have access to a "teacher" like full-time students, we have to include all the possible activities in their learning materials, which full-time students otherwise have access to in their face-to-face setup.

Icon activity.jpg
These are very important instructional devices for distance learners because it assist them to evaluate themselves in order to test if they have understood the content covered. It can include:
  • short activities with feedback provided, or
  • longer self-assessment activities (which they have to do on their own).

(PS: Nellie/Patricia, I normally make use of a "Feedback" icon/device in our materials as well, but I couldn't find such a template here... can you maybe help me, please? Thanks a lot.)

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