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My children attend a sophisticated day care centre called the McKnight Day Care Centre. This centre is quite accommodating and adequate for meeting the needs of children 3mths--5years. It is colourful, clean and well equipped with toys and equpment appropriate for children in the above age group. Activities that are organized by the Mc Knight Day Care Centre promote the psychological and physical health of not only children but parents/ guardians and teachers. The workers at the centre are dedicated, loyal and caring. They use a holistic approach in caring for the children and are able to detect problems of almost any nature. In their approach in dealing with the children, they display an understanding of Erik Erikson's stages of psychosocial development and integrate inconcepts from this theory in boosting the overall health of the children. An important aspect of this facility is its affordability--the school fee is very cheap and this helps in parents to budget their money well in light of the financial global downfall.