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E -learning a device how to integrate electronic devices, animations,graphics and text readily availabe to a large and varied learners.

Crowd Sourced Content

Crowd sourced content is the process of gaining ideas and contribution, services or content from a community that usually exists online. It can be done for a range of reasons including and not limited to; dividing up tedious work for a company, to expansive ideas, asking for ideas or a contribution from a large group of people can greatly improve quality of material while also having people think 'outside the box'. This is a very effective technique for companies and businesses as outside ideas are sometimes better than internal ideas as internal workers or advisers may have very 'flat' ideas or have no innovation to them.

Teaching and Learning

Crowd sourced content in terms of learning would basically come in the same way that everything else would come from crowdsourcing . Teachers and or students can look for crowd sourced content on teaching materials. Because this is majority online work for crowdsourcing, a large number of different people will have different ideas or opinions making it a more flexible way of gaining ideas and knowledge

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