ERO/First Term Review

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Teacher's perspective

Diverse projects:

All students worked on projects either on their own or in small groups,
creating and making in areas that interested them.

Observations of students:

  • Relationships - improved, working across age levels and gender
    • Student and teacher working in partnership
  • Behavour - minimal teacher intervention, students working around the school and away from staff
    • Students who had previously struggled with behavioural issues were more settled
  • Time - happily working into own time, playing, reading, day-dreaming and dallying
    • Deadlines were met or became flexible to meet changing work demands
  • Resources - were well used, a variety of materials and resources effectively managed
    • To trial - names from a hat for each class job, longest job (first) to shortest job (last)
The Oompa Routine

Student Comment:

  • "I want to be ready for going to high school - this is an opportunity for me to take responsibility for my learning"
  • "I thought this class would be the worst class I have attended"
  • Most students acknowledged enjoying freedom to work on the projects of their choice

Parent Feedback

  • Reporting that their children were coming home happy


  • Democratic processes - voting, reaching consensus
  • Names from a hat for each class job, longest job (first) to shortest job (last)
  • Student defined class rules