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An idea that is In this class we have a shared belief that

The rest needs to be explained to class  

everything we do should be open,

recognise we are all unique,
are given freedom to organise our daily activities, 
allowed to learn naturally and,
shown equality through democratic decision-making.
  • We will help ourselves and others to become good learners and people
  • Learning will be holistic - academic, social, physical....
  • Interdependence and collaboration (working with others) is as important as independence (working on own)
  • Teachers will have broadly conceived themes and objectives,
    • design an envirethical curriculum with the students
      • and welcome unexpected detours
  • Student projects organised around problems, projects, and questions
    • Students assist with the outcomes or standards that inform those lessons
  • Allowed to make mistakes and be assisted to put them right
  • We will be encouraged to develop intrinsic motivation
  • Homework -
  • Grades -
  • Tests - Government requirement in state schools
    • Information collected shared with students and parent
    • Reassure parents and government that students are learning in maths, reading, writing.
      • They tell nothing about a students intelligence or ability to learn
        • Nor are they indicative of how successful you will become as an adult


  • Exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the students

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