ELearning design and practice

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Using the principles underpinning sound instructional design, this course will provide teachers an opportunity to design, develop, and trial materials for elearning.

Aims and Objectives

This course aims to provide a theoretical understanding of insructional design for elearning. Readings and resources selected for this purpose will include readings to enable teachers to conceptualize the characteristics of sound instructional design to help them construct a rationale for their own design of a elearning resource package for a target group. Teachers will then be required to develop the elearning resource package materials for the target group and tryout the elearning package with the target group in the primary school.


In this tutorial I want to:

  • Discuss learning theory
  • Formulate and work on assignments for applying learning theory
  • Conduct a series of tutorials on wiki educator
  • Facilitate design and development of elearning package using wiki educator
  • Organise group discussion for feedback
  • Coordinate with the school for field trial
  • Supervise field trial and preparation of project report

Project Plan

Given the existing conventional environment within which this course will commence in August 2007, teachers doing this Elective Course will use the Wikieducator to design and develop the elearning resource package. Given 14 weeks to complete the course, teachers have to work using a structured time frame to be able to tryout with the target group and prepare the report.

  • Week 1 - Lecture and discussions on the theory of instructional design
  • Week 2 - Determining the tasks for application
  • Week 3 - Introduction to the wiki educator
  • Week 4 - Designing a plan for the elearning resource package using the wiki educator
  • Week 5 - Group Discussion for review followed by feedback by teacher educator
  • Week 6 - Lecture and discussions on theoretical components
  • Week 7 - Methodology and Selection of material
  • Week 8 - Integration of design and materials
  • Week 9 & 10 - Development of the elearning package using the wiki educator
  • Week 11 - Peer review and discussion
  • Week 12 - Field trial
  • Week 13 - Discussion and sharing of findings.Reflections on practice informing theory
  • Week 14 - Report preparation