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Second year

Classroom Web

Picture dictation

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Listening comprehension

Ask the students to take a sheet of paper and lay it lengthways. Check that they understand all the spatial terms in the dictation tha follows. Dictate sentence by sentence - they draw what they hear.

The Quickest Way

Dray a line across your page from left to right - draw the line across the middle of the page. Above the line there are waves. In the top left-hand corner there is a sailing boat. Draw a man lying on the sand in the bottom left-hand corner. Top right-hand corner - there is a swimmer in the water. The swimmer is shouting, 'Help! Help!' Make a dotted line from the swimmer to the nearest point on the shore. Draw a dotted line from the man on the sand to the swimmer. What's the quickest way for the man on the beach to reach the swimmer?

The quickest way for a typical person to reach the swimmer is to run to the nearest point on the shore and to swim from there.

Fourth year

Speaking Activity

Role play

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Role Card A


You have a lot of money to spend on clothes. Go to a shop that sells designer clothes and all the latest fashions. Ask the sales assistant for advice and buy a lot of expensive clothes.

Useful language
  • What size is it?
  • Can I try it on?
  • Where's the fitting room?
  • It doesn't fit me. It's too loose/tight.
  • Do you have this in another colour? in a small/medium/large size?
  • What do you think?
  • Can I pay in cash/by credit card?

Role Card B

Sales Assistant

You work in a clothes shop that sells very expensive designer clothes. A person with a lot of money comes into your shop. You work on commission - the more you sell, the more money you are paid. Try to sell as many clothes as possible to the customer.

Useful language
  • Can I help you, sir/madam?
  • It's a bargain at only $1000.
  • It matches your... It goes with your... It doesn't go with your...
  • I think it really suits you!
  • Oh, it's definitely you!
  • You look (very attractive/elegant/absolutely fabulous) in it.

The "Have you ever...?" Game

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Student A

Ask your partner questions. Start your questions with: Have you ever...?

Find out if your partner has ever:

  • had an accident
  • killed an animal
  • asked someone to marry him/her
  • slept on a mountain
  • driven a very expensive car
  • got drunk and been sick
  • stolen from a hotel/restaurant
  • hitch-hiked alone
  • been robbed
  • broken a bone

Listen to your partner's story and decide if it's TRUE of FALSE If you are not sure, you can ask questions using the Past Simple, eg

  1. When did you...?
  2. What did you...?
  3. Why did you...?

Take turns asking and answering questions.
Remember that when your partner asks you a question, you must always answer "Yes, I have", and then describe what happened.