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Educational survey of village Sonpura

  1. Total population of the village -700
  2. Literacy rate in the village -25%
  3. Total literacy (estimate) — 25%
  4. Male literate (mostly up to 8th) — 40%
  5. Female literate (mostly up to 5th)- 15%

The data we have written above has been collected from Mr. Lalu Kushwaha husband of surpanch Mrs. Suraj Bai Kushwaha.

Sarpanch also told us that once a samittee had started in which the village ladies started to learn something. Means something like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. But as time passed the village ladies did not participate in the Samittee and it finally stopped. Principal also claimed for the uninterested behavior of the villagers while the villagers say due to low income. They don’t send their child to school. After hearing the Sarpanch we started to visit most of the villager’s house and found the following data.


In the present situation we have the following data -

No. of teacher :-05

No. of female teacher :-03

No. of male teacher :-02

No. of classes :-08

Thus we found that the numbers of teacher are very less in comparison.