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E-twinning of primary schools of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega

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The objectives of this project are:

  1. To twin two primary school for mutual support to enhance the learning/teaching process
  2. To facilitate a high-performing school to help a low-performing school to achieve better results
  3. To encourage the use of ICT
  4. To induce competitiveness among twinned schools

The idea is to pair a low to a high performing school whereby both will work towards some common projects in view of enhancing the performance and increasing the pass rate of the low-performing school.

This project will be entirely online with frequent site visits and exchange of teachers. The Wikieducator platform or wikispaces could be exploited to bring positive results.

A competition will be organised among the twinned schools to see which one of them has brought best results. Interesting Prizes for the supporting schools will boost their interest in helping the other schools.


  • E-twinning process
  • Setting up of a common site for twinned schools
  • Training of teachers to edit, add and share resources
  • Monitoring of the progress
  • Rewards

This project is based to some extent on the European model