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Electronic Communication (e-communication)

Communication of information is one of the very essential requirements of a system. We need to communicate so many things among various offices and officials. The quicker we pass on the information, the quicker our job gets done.

We are using different modes of communication. Previously we used to communicate the matters by post, later when telephones became common, the communication improved a lot. Now list out the disadvantages of communication by post. Shall we use telephone for communicating all official matters? Make a list of prons and cons of these.

How best we can over come these dis-advantages?

Think over and make some of your own suggestions.

With the advancement in Science and Technology, the communication has reached our fingertips. We can communicate to any person in the world sitting in a room with an internet connected computer.

Let us try to understand what e-communication is and how useful it is in our communications.

There are various ways of communicating information one of which is e-communication. E-mail is an electronic mail function that allows you to exchange messages and information with other people on the network via your computer. To be able to send e-mail your computer has to be

· Connected to internet

· Have e-mail software, which is normally part of any internet

· Browser such as Internet explorer and Netscape.

e-communication is not a new thing now a day. We have Internet facilities almost in every office. You might have used it to communicate many things of your own or might have done your office communications also.


You might have done some communications using e-mail and possess an e-mail ID also. Please recall how you have used the computer for the purposes of e-communication and try to answer the following questions.

  1. What things are required for you to send e-mail?
  2. How to compose a mail?
  3. What are the points to be remembered while making a write up?

E-mail E-mail is one of the quick ways of communication, that saves a lot of time. The same content can be forwarded to many at a time. E-mail sent to a person/office can be read anywhere where there is an access to internet.

Pre-requisites for E-mail

  • a computer connected to internet.
  • e-mail Identity.

To create an e-mail ID, proceed as follows.