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Begin by talking to the Dwarf Commander just north-west of the Fishing Guild.





What You Need


Recommended Items

Falador Teleport, Camelot Teleport Scroll down to the end of the guide to find a 'Fast Quest Walkthrough'.

Getting Started

To begin the quest, log in your runescape accounts then pay a visit to Captain Lawgof. He is located northwest of the beloved Fishing Guild. He is found right behind the gate, so open it up and go on through to speak with him. Being an official for the dwarves, it is his duty to protect the mines from the attacks of goblins. However, there have been recent break-ins, and the fence has been damaged. He then asks you if you'd like to be recruited into his army. Agree, and he'll hand you 6 railings.

Fixing the Fences

Now that you have the railings, he'll also hand you a Hammer. You should now go around each fence rails and inspect them for damage. When one is found to be damaged, your player will automatically begin swinging away with their hammer to fix the fence. Be aware that your player may receive some damage if they fail. Once you've already fixed the railing for the fence, and you click on it again to be inspected, a message will show up in your chat space telling you that it has already been fixed. After you've found and fixed the 6 railings (which are scattered around the place at random), speak to the captain again to receive your next task.

Helping Out the Others

Your next task will be to check up on the guard who is located in the tower directly south from the gate and the captain. Go south until you reach the tower, and then climb up the 2 ladders to the top. You'll notice that nobody is there, and that the goblins have breached the tower and killed everyone in it. Take the Dwarf Remains in the corner of the last floor. Now, return to the captain, who will grieve the loss of the guard once you speak to him. He'll ask you if his son died as well, because he was on duty with him. You'll tell him that he's the only remains you've found. The captain then figures out that the guard's son might have been captured by the goblins and taken to their lair. He says that they've always been attacked from the south-east, so he tells you to head in that direction. Head down to the Fishing Guild, and head east. It is the cave near the entrance. Be aware that the goblins in here attack intruders, but they are the least of worries. Head in, and go to the north-west corner. Search around the crates until you find his son. Then, speak with him and he'll head back. Do the same by going back to the entrance, and climbing over the mudslide.

The Cannon

Once you've finished the last part, head back to the captain and speak with him. You'll ask if the child returned, and he'll say he did. He'll also request one more favor of your services. He will ask you to repair the Dwarf Multi-Cannon. He'll give you a toolkit and will ask you to go over and figure out a way to repair it. The cannon cannot be missed as it is very large and located west of him. Now, inspect the cannon. There are three tools for three separate parts. So, you'll need to experiment around with it and find the right tools that match the same parts. Use the pliers on the switch, the hook on the spring and the wrench on the gear. Once they've all worked together, speak with the captain, who will be overjoyed that the cannon is working. Now the Captain wants you to find out what the cannon fires. Head to Ice Mountain, located just north of Falador, and talk to Nulodion. He can be found in a building near the entrance to the Dwarven Mines. He will give you some Notes and an Ammo Mold to bring back to Captain Lawgof.

Completing the Quest Once you speak to Lawgof, you have completed the quest. Congratulations!


750 Crafting experience,it will save you some time on power leveling of Crafting. Nulodion will now sell you a Dwarf Multicannon for 750,000 money, or 200,625 runescape gold pieces per piece for a total of 802,500gp. Ability to smith Cannonballs by using a Steel Bar and an Ammo Mold on a furnace 1 Quest Point