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Creating Virtual Guests

Document Purpose

The purpose of this guide is to provide systematic instruction of creating Virtual Guests on Virtual Machine.

Scope of the Document

The scope of this document is limited to systematic instruction of creating Virtual Guests on Virtual Machine using VM Manager.

Targeted Audience

The audience for this High Level Documents includes,

  1. The requesting Project Manager and/or Project Sponsor;
  2. This document is used for planning the project’s infrastructure implementation including the procurement of any new infrastructure required for the project;
  3. Architect(s) associated with the project;
  4. The infrastructure design is reviewed by the Solution Architect to ensure it supports the solution recommended within the SAD;
  5. Solution and Technical Design resource(s) associated with the project;
  6. The competency teams use the Infrastructure HLD to complete detailed design and build documents;
  7. Relevant Support group(s), primarily within Technology Operations;
  8. Other technical resources within Technology Operations to engineer, provision and support the system use the Infrastructure HLD. Acceptance of this document by these teams constitutes compliance to TOPS Policies, or agreement to exemptions against these policies;


Term Definition
Deployment Engineer User who performs the deployment
SME Subject Matter Expert


This guide assumes that, the environment is installed with current version of Linux and base software and properly configured. It also assumes that, the user is a System Administrator and have working knowledge of HP blades, Linux OS and Networks.

Virtual Guest Creation Procedure

Perform the following steps to create virtual guests,

  1. Navigate to the location of VM Manager and login to VM Manager from the Terminal Server;