Down sidesof social networking groups

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Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites enables to bridge the communication gap between two or more people living at distant places. It allows you to connect or relate with group or system that shares the same values or ideas on a particular subject. Therefore, it is known as networking sites as it helps you to exchange ideas and thoughts easily within seconds to other people easily. Listed below are some of the advantages of using social networking sites for all age groups.

1. Building and maintaining friendship with people who has never met before.

2. Advising people or solving problems mentioned in any of the forums

3. Sending personal messages within seconds to the person sitting at distant places

4. Creating and sharing online collages with friends and family via social sites

5. Creating blogs to track the record of good or bad moments

6. Sharing the same blogs with relatives and friends by providing links to them

7. Companies use these social sites for publicity and promotion.

8. News channels update the public by providing recent and up-to-date information about events. The social networking sites are open to all and therefore, it can put you in danger if used incorrectly. Few of the disadvantages are listed below of social networking sites. These are:

1. Sometimes, sharing personal information with others can put you at risk

2. Availability of private information can lead to stolen identity

3. Stalkers and sexual offenders can trouble you by using the information available on your profile.

4. Fake advertisements can invite unwanted viruses and spywares to your computer

5. Professional companies can refer your online profile while judging you at the time of the interview.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand that an online community is like a room filled with different people. You must reveal suitable information about yourself that doesn't affect your personal and professional life. Moreover, you must use the option of privacy for restricting the entry of outsiders or unknown memb