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One of many things that I hoped to do is to win the lotto. It will solve me lots of problems. Second wish is health for my family because it’s the most important things in the whole world And I would do anything to help them because its my family and I love them, It’s the only thing I can trust in the world. The third wish is to make peace in the world, no more killing we all humans, it doesn't matter the race the color or the faith. When I hearing on the news about wars murders stealing and more I just freaked out its drives me crazy always talk with my parents and my 3 old brothers about politics because I just get interesting.


school trip I got sadesfide from our last trip in jerusalem.We visited the great wall and put notes,I also saw couple of religious and the let me put phylacteries. After the great wall we went to king david's city,there we learn about the culture of the place,its also have a spectacular view. In the end of the day we went to the tents.Its not so pleasant to sleep in a tent when everything is mold and dust.but I didnt actually sleep its our last trip I need to utilize him so me and my friends were stayed outside and passed all night long. The secound day we did track more then hours of walking ups and downs. Then to relax they took us to the dead see for 1 hour only.. Later we got back to the tents


Applying For a Visa

Dear sir'

I want to get visa to the USA. because i want to studding there math.i want to be a profesor in the united state and become a teacher because teaching is my favourtie thing in the world. I alsowant to travel in historical sites and learn about the culture. Since I was a kid I always dream to go to the usa i dont know why but probaly from the movies.



Rosh Ashana is the first holiday in the year. its the begining of a new year and it gives you a chance to start her on the right foot.

iom kipur

Iom Kipur known as the Day of Atonement,is the most solemn and important of the jewish holidays. Its acceptable to abstinence in Iom Kipur for torture yourself to atonement on all the bad action during the all year




lag baomer