Doodle Storyboard Factory

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A project to benefit language teachers and learners!



A new learning cycle designed for benefit teachers and learners around the world.


Based on 4MAT's Philosophy, to meet different types of learners' need, also to develop a learner's different abilities.

How does DSF work?


Section Purpose
1. Script 2 Meaning Developing Reading Skill and Pronunciation (Left Brain)
2. Meaning 2 Doodle Developing Doodling Skill and Imagination (Left Brain to Right Brain)
3. Doodle 2 Mp3(acting) Developing Acting and Speaking Skill (Right Brain & Left Brain)
4. Script 2 New Script Developing Creativity (Right Brain to Left Brain)

How can I benefit from DSF?


  • Script & New Script
  • Meaning(Explanation)
  • Doodle
  • Mp3 of the acting

How can I contribute to DSF?

As A Teacher As A Learner
Comment on Meanings Be A Reader
Comment on Doodles Be A Doodler
Record MP3 of acting Be An Actor
Comment on New Scripts Be A Writer