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by retsam zhang Posted on 18 April, 2010

Originated By RetSam 2010.04 SkypeID:retsamzhang


Doodle means to scribble aimlessly, especially when preoccupied. But in here, it means simple and creative drawings.


Doodle English is a project to help ESL learners to build and strengthen the connection between English words and image(or a feeling), instead of working on the connection between one's first language and English.

WHY "Doodle English"?

First of all,it's easy to doodle, almost everyone can do that. You don't need to be good at drawing. As long as you can create some simple figures to remind you the situation or feeling, that'd be enough.Secondly,the simple images we are going to create are very close to our inner language. They are much easier to memorize and project in our heads when it's need.It can easily draw students' attention and develop their imagination and creativities. Moreover,teachers are supposed to help learners to enjoy using English,to create the environment for practising English,to be creative and get to know more about themselves from their creations. Otherwise, we will end up with students who know all about the knowledge but themselves.

HOW TO "Doodle English"?

I have developed some games or activities to turn the ideas into practical. For examples,like Team Doodling,Word2Doodle,Doodle2Word,Story2Doodle and Doodle2Story etc. You can also add other element to it , like BrainStorm + Doodle English. It's easy to turn the students from a passive mode to an active mode, an absorbing mode to a creating mode. Teachers will no longer need to force students to absorb the knowledge, interest will just lead them to absorb more knowledge after they enjoy creating and knowing more about themselves.

I have given 5 classes about Doodle English on WiZiQ and experimented some of my ideas with some nice learners. Most of the feedbacks I received were pretty positive. I hope that my ideas will inspire some of the teachers and students to create more interesting ways to practise English.

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