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Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from .....: As an open learning and distance education practitioner, I have been very keen in understanding how other ODL institutions on the globe have been contributing to knowledge dissemination. Surprisingly, I found that little authentic information about Open Universities exists in a central place and it is not easily available.

Creating an Open University Handbook

I have an idea to create a place for Open Universities to collaborate: Create an Open University Handbook. With IGNOU and BRAOU’s support, we have already launched the project on WikiEducator. We need your support — in the form of information about your Open University. Can you provide that to us, so that we can include it in the "Handbook of Open Universities". If you wish, I can give you a tour of our exciting project!

What is WikiEducator?

WikiEducator is to education, what Wikipedia is to information! ~ WikiEducator is helping us to create an authentic resource for Open Universities — that can save everyone time and money — and create high exposure and visibility for our respective institutions. (Content on WikiEducator ranks very high in the search engines!)

WikiEducator is a dynamic and open community portal for educators — who are collaborating with their peers all over the world. It is supported by The Commonwealth of Learning –

The benefits include:

  • Free content hosting
  • Exposure, promotion and networking with other educational organizations
  • International perspectives and dialogue with the intergovernmental organizations, Commonwealth of Learning
  • An active and sustainable community effort
  • Collaborative development opportunities and resource sharing
  • Opportunities for partnering and networking
  • Free and supported access to MediaWiki software

Your contribution of time and energy to this worthwhile project could help us to create a valuable resource for our community — something that NO single institution could create on its own. I am looking forward to welcoming you to our community.

When can we set up a time to speak (or could you nominate a person from your institution as a contact person?)

PERSON WRITING THE LETTER (Be sure to include your name, title, institution, address, city, country, phone numbers, email address, and Skype, Gmail and / or Yahoo User names.)