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A Dofus rune is an object within the game that can be applied to a weapon or equipment to help add to or modify its current stats,if you want to get it, it will cost you some dofus kamas. Mages use smithmagic runes to achieve this. The recipe that mages use is a weapon/equipment + a smithmagic rune. They type of rune that is used will determine the type of bonus you get from it. The level of the rune will determine the size of the bonus that you get from it.

Types of Dofus runes include: wisdom, strength, vitality, intelligence, agility, chance, AP, MP, critical hit, heals, damage, percent damage, reflect, range, summon, pod, damage to traps, damage to traps, initiative, prospecting, resist fire, resist air, resist water, resist earth, resist neutral, resist fire,resist air,resist water, resist earth,resist neutral and life. As you can see, there is a Dofus rune for most any need that you could have.

There are some things to know about making a Dofus rune. For example, only initiative and pod runes are capable of being crafted in stronger versions. Many other runes can be obtained by crushing items. You can shatter your items on a Munster Crusher. Prior to game v.1.16.1 you could only get runes from monster drops but this is no longer true.

Some Dofus runes are rare and these are very sought after. A mage can go through thousands of runes trying to get a rare one. These rare Dofus runes can go for a considerable amount in the Rune Sell rooms in Bonta and Brakmar. If you are a mage that makes Dofus runes, you can sell them here.