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DoceboLMS is an open-source software package for e-learning (LMS - Learning Management System and LCMS - Learning Content Management System), entirely created and developed by Docebo Srl. The program, which is released under a GPL license, has no licensing costs.

Today, thanks to its “multi-model didactic” approach, the program is one of the most used and appreciated open-source platforms at an international level; the possibility of personalising the didactic model to the client's needs makes DoceboLMS a sophisticated and flexible but, most of all, simple platform that can be configured for different environments that use different didactic models: large companies in the sectors of finance and insurance, health, government, universities and schools.

DoceboLMS makes it extremely easy to construct the didactic content of lessons and teachers are free to reuse files that they already have (Powerpoint, Word, PDF, film clips, etc). Users can also be managed by groups or categories and it is also possible to personalise the graphic environment for subgroups of users.

The Docebo e-learning platform is simple to configure and manage: any type of user can use all the software functions without difficulty over a normal Internet connection. Its reliability and ease of use, together with the possibility of personalising the didactic model, make Docebo usable in any organisational and educational context:

It supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 Immediate loading of any file (Word, Excel, video, audio, etc.) User notifications via SMS or e-mail Videoconferencing, chat and forums Messages, notices and notepad Tests and surveys FAQs, Help, Link Lists, Glossaries, Wikis, E-portfolios Reports by user and by course Replicates the company organisation chart Group management Interfaces with HR and ERP applications such as SAP HR, Zucchetti, Lotus and authentication systems such as LDAP and Active Directory

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