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Presentations on "Network Learning" and "Connectivism," especially those given to educators in a formal education context, seem to always elicit the same sets of questions and reactions. Many people who are interested in "Network Learning" have written insightful (and often long) replies to these concerns. This 'Distributed FAQ' is a way of bringing many of those responses together and allowing the community working on 'Network Learning' to identify those questions which are asked over and over. Please add your question (or links to good responses) below.

What is Network Learning?

Does the conception of knowledge change in Network Learning?

Is Network Learning or Connectivism actually a new theory of learning? of pedagogy?

  • Situating Connectivism - Relation to Existing Theories of Learning and Knowing, Learning Technologies Centre, University of Manitoba, last modified on 22 June 2007

How does the role of the teacher change in a Network Learning environment?

Does Network Learning have implications for specifying the learning task (i.e. content design)?

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How do I get students to take more responsibility for their own learning?

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What is the role of assessment on Network Learning?

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Do Network Learners learn 'better' or 'more'?

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Will adopting a Network Learning approach lead to increased plagiarism?

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Is Network Learning necessarily more complex? What are some ways to simplify teaching and learning with Loosely-Coupled tools?

Can Network Learning co-exist with our existing institutional structures?

What professional development opportunities are available for increasing my skills to engage more meaningfully with Network Learning?

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More links relating to networked learning?

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