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which is the best study for my research? types of studies. the five different studies. understand my topic to connect it with the five types of studies. the traditional and modern methodologies

Five-paragraph essay


The use of methodologies through the years has been improved. In this day it has two main tendencies that are called modern and traditional teaching. There are five different types of studies to follow a teacher with the objective of realize if the teacher uses a modern method or a traditional method to teach. In this essay will be discussed the different five types in order to achieve the objective and which of the five types of study is the best to carry the research. All studies are related but they have certain characteristics that make the difference among them.

Grounded theory is focus on generating theoretical ideas and hypothesis from the data, this study may be improper for the study because the research is not focused on generating new hypothesis but to realize what kind of method a teacher uses in a classroom. A characteristic that contains this study is useful for the research of teacher's method is the comparison method included in this type of study. The comparison may be directed to the theory itself about the traditional and modern teaching methods.

The research about the methodology that a teacher uses in a classroom needs observation notes. An ethnography study is based in observation to collect data. Also to write about the observations that the researcher makes and experiences that happens in the context. This type of study is useful for that reason and may be proper for the research. During the collection of information it will be necessary to have testimony from the teacher that is observed. The narrative study is based on storytelling; it will be work of the researcher to ask the right questions to get the information that he looks for.