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The quality of open authoring approaches

  1. Do you have any concerns about the quality of educational resources developed using an open authoring approach? If so, what are your concerns? If not, how does an open authoring approach contribute to high quality learning materials?
    • I think there is a lot of value in informal education and that is what systems like wikis can promote and protect.
    • I have no concerns about the quality of open authoring. In fact it isusually better and safer.
    • In the world of today many new good ideas come up mainly in the open and free interaction on a global basis.
    • If it is a small community, the material won't be as valuable as that of a large community.
    • The quality of an educational resource will be defined by how useful and effective this particular #resource is for the userfeel that there is a need for some sort of quality control of the information, especially in the area of health where information that is inaccurate can have a negative outcome.
    • If open authoring resources are being used with students it is essential that students develop critical literacy skills.
    • This is the key issue, the more time and people involved in project the better the final product will be.
  2. In your opinion, should course development for education use closed or open authoring approaches? Give reasons for your view?
    • As far as the accuracy is concerned, there is always the danger when information or control of it, is in the hands of a few.
    • The only real dull spot I see in this entire picture (especially in india and south asia) is that there is no access to computers and connectivity. and when there is, its really difficult to get people to use these resources, because of the language, culture and background of the material.
    • I think open authoring approaches get teachers involved in the development of their own materials.
    • Collaboration and contribution are the key to developing a strong and useful/usable resource.
    • Open approaches are more pedagogical and formative than closed ones as they give the teachers/learners more control over their learning/creative process, allow them to visualize others and learn from them as well.
    • The advantage of open authoring approaches is that the information can be updated regulary.
  3. What mechanisms can be adopted to assure quality of educational content developed in Wiki environments?
    • The more we can help our learning communities become 'digital natives' the quicker the content will improve and demand improvements.
    • The best quality control is our students.
    • It may be useful to know the status and background of these contributors. It would also be great to acknowledge authors.
    • I think it is also important to include references to published articles to provide further credibility.
    • Any editing has to be confirmed by one of the contributors of that particular field.