Directional Terms Worksheet 2 Answers

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Insert the missing directional terms:

1. The spleen is ventral to the kidneys
2. The hock is distal to the stifle.
3. The adrenal gland is cranial to the kidney.
4. The thymus is cranial to the heart.
5. The thyroid is cranial/ventral to the trachea.
6. The stomach is caudal to the heart.
7. The withers region is dorsal to the sternum.
8. The stifle is proximal to the fetlock
9. The lumbar vertebrae are cranial to the sacrum
10. The sacrum is medial/dorsal to the pelvic girdle
11. The fibula is caudal/lateral to the tibia
12. The metacarpals are distal to the carpals
13. The pericardium is lateral to the heart
14. The diaphragm is caudal to the lungs
15. The hair follicle is lateral to the hair shaft
16. The eyeball is medial to the orbit
17. The mandible is caudal/ventral to the tongue
18. The tibia is distal to the femur
19. The radius is proximal to the metacarpals
20. The uterus is caudal/ventral to the intestines

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