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What is a wiki?
If you don't have a wiki account or haven't edited a wiki before, you are not alone. Drawing on the international survey data maintained by the OER Foundation, the majority of educators working in the formal education sector do not have a public wiki account. Now is a good time to improve these statistics by creating a wiki account and discovering the power of this collaborative technology. As a first step, watch the Wikis in Plain English video by Common Craft on YouTube (shown at right).

Microblog reflection: Take-home message

Share your thoughts on this video on WEnotes below, OERu forums or Twitter and include the hash tag "ds4oer" in your post. For example;

  • I didn't realise ... #ds4oer
  • Wikis are good for #OER b/c ... #ds4oer
  • Wikis are no good for ... #ds4oer
  • I want to learn about wikis b/c ... #ds4oer

(If using WEnotes, you do not need to explicitly add the tag to your post.)