Digital skills for collaborative OER development/Develop learning pathway/OER inventory

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Challenge summary
Summary: Compile an inventory of OER for possible reuse, adaptation or remix.
1 - 2 hours (Depending on previous experience with searching for OER)
Linked to final assignment

The resources you identify will be reused in the learning materials you are developing for this course.

Start here

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Stimulus resources

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Knowledge of existing OER for reuse will save you time.
The purpose of this learning challenge is to conduct a mini audit of OER materials for possible reuse and adaptation in your own course development.

The value of this exercise is to:

  • Improve your knowledge and search skills for finding resources in your own discipline.
  • Find resources you can reuse for the learning pathway(s) you are developing for this course.
  • Distinguish between OER you can embed and modify within your own course resources on the wiki and open access materials you can link to from your course materials.
  • Discover how resources you find generate ideas for the design of your own teaching materials and how this can influence and refine the learning sequence in the draft outline you developed earlier in this course.
  • Discover how publishing your inventory of OER in the wiki enables others in the community to comment and assist in identifying valuable open resources.