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We are looking for at least three learning activities for each of the access, interpret and create concepts. These are activities that will lead learners through some of the content we are listing on the resources sub-page. Scenarios to respond to, readings with quizes, simulation activities, work based activities, worksheets that serve as a research structure... etc


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Activity 1: Ms Fry has decided to make her classes more interesting. She wants to introduce ideas about social justice to her class of students. She has some material from books she used in the previous year but wants something more up to date. Where to look?

Ms Fry thinks about what sort of information might work. She comes up with a list of different types of information with some reasons for using each type:

  • Newspaper articles - to illustrate ideas which are topical.
  • Audio e.g. Radio NZ – to appeal to learners who enjoy listening and the material is current.
  • Video clips on the Internet e.g. Youtube – interesting studies of humanity appear here.

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Activity 2: Brian wants to use some photographs to illustrate his weblog. He has been thinking about buying a digital camera so he can create his own pictures.