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Digital Camera


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  1. Features and functions of a digital camera
  2. Taking better pictures
  3. Knowing what you want to take (the subject) and the intended purpose – having a script.
  4. Transferring footage onto the computer.


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Students will in groups of threes:

·        Get familiar with features of the digital camera. 15
·        Take pictures of  (a person posing , a tall building or tree and traffic). 20
·        View using the projector or television the pictures taken. 20
·        Look, analyze and correct “errors” in the video taken focusing on
  • composition,
  • lighting 

(rule of thirds, merging, clustered background/foregrounds, the horizon and angles.

·        Give a five-minute report:
  • on what has happened.
·        Retake
  • passport size pictures
  • portrait pictures
  • object outside that can be used as part of a classroom lesson

·        View corrected photos 15


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