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Chemistry.gifOil Strike Game

Welcome to this platform, you will play the game after having revised your chemistry lesson.

You will require about 1 hour to complete the game, and you must complete the 8 months activity to know your profit and international rank.

Once you have your rank and score please take a snap shot and send it to me by e-mail at dng267@myt.mu.

Feel free to contact me using the above e.mail if you need any help.

How to take a snap shot.

Once you have you score on your monitor press

  • Control + Prnt Scrn buttons simultaneaously.


  • open the Paint program

then press

  • control + V buttons simultaneously
  • Save the file giving it your name.
  • Send the file to the above e-mail

Click on the link below to have access to the game:


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'''Have lots of fun and don't forget to learn'''

Good luck to each of you and "que le meilleur gagne".