Develop computer skills for tertiary study/Use course email group

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Learning Outcomes

This learning module aims to develop your ability to

  • Send & receive emails via the course email group
  • Log into the web-view
  • Change profile information
  • Manage threads
  • Access pages & uploaded files

Sending and receiving emails

You should have already received emails from the Otago Polytechnic Massage Therapy course email group. The subject of the email should start with something like {{OP Massage Yr1}}. It's important to realise that when you reply to an email that's come from the group, your reply goes to everyone in the group.

There is another way to read your emails and send emails to the group. You can log into the course Google group on the internet. This provides some additional functionality which is quite useful.

Logging into the Web-view

Watch this instructional video which will introduce you to the web-view. Remember to open the video in a new tab (right-click).

After you've watched it, try to login to the email group yourself. If you have any trouble come back to the video and watch it again to see if there's something you missed. If you're still having trouble send an email through the course email group, or get in touch with David.

Try It

  • Log into the course email group
  • Open the page - Getting started - and follow the instructions

Threaded Discussions

Watch this instructional video which will introduce you to the idea of threaded discussions and how they work within Google Groups. This is an important concept for you to understand.

If you're replying to an email from the group, make sure that the subject of the email reflects (or is at least related to) what you are writing about. If you are writing about a different topic, then change the subject of the email.

If you're making a post from within the group, consider the recent discussions/threads that already exist. Does your post relate to any of them? If so you should consider opening that discussion/thread and replying to that email rather than starting a new thread.