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Destination Tourism – Timetable Semester One – Tuesday 1000-1200 Review class - Wednesday 1300-1500 and self directed group classes

Tuesday 03 May

Introduce topics and project, blog/facebook, cooperative learning contract, introduce magazine design. Activity 1 - Map

Tuesday 10 May

Guest speaker: Ray O'Brien - Scotland. Countries/Cities/Geographical locations

Tuesday 17 May

Guest speaker: Helen Geytenbeek - Rural England/crop circles.Geography/maps Activity 2 and 3, Travel Info

Tuesday 24 May

Guest speaker: Dr. Emilie Crossley - Wales

Tuesday 31 May

Guest speaker: Sylvia Smith - Ireland. Attractions, events and festivals

Tuesday 07 June

Activity 4 Accommodation, transport and travel

Tuesday 14 June

Activity 5 Attractions and events

Tuesday 21 June

Reflection questions