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Lesson Plan


Introduce self and course aim

  • Outline the project - magazine and blog 
  • Lecture - Introduce 'The 5 tenets of cooperative learning' outlining contract, clear goals structure
  • Team building exercise (weekly) - Adjective naming game, Winning wheel; favourite sport, animal, country, person, food, hobby activity 10 in 'Training games'
  • Vak learning style assessment
  • General knowledge quiz (weekly)
  • Introduce the United Kingdom Geographic location
  • Set up blog/private facebook page



Team chosen through: Diagnostic Assessment - based on students pre-knowledge and skills (assumed and proven) - Vak, personality styles and observation.

Task: These are the teams for the project. Your tasks for today and during the week, will be to:

  • compile a set of guidelines outlining how your team will operate (contract) - what responsibilities team members have (not their tasks)
  • when you will meet, how often and responsiblility for recording collaboration on team blog (which you will create) for feedback from tutor
  • look at each persons strengths and assign tasks eg. journalists and researchers, project management committee, design and advertising, look at project planning (supporting resources) start a time line for project - you may want to put this on a graph (spreadsheet) it will be the most important tool of your project
  • each team member - write a paragraph describing the job you have been given and post it to your team blog
  • team bonding - the success of your project work will depend on good bonding (do something social together and get to know each other better)

Students to bring UK resource to class ( see dates in table) each week to share with class: Helen - crop circles - stone circles (stonehenge)

Each student to produce a feature article for the magazine - more on this later in the course.

Supporting Resources